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Kafka in Shanghai

Here is a story Kafka would have liked:
A guy composes a text called "A detailed instruction on the Protest Against Right Wing Japanese" (with some quite humorous parts), sends it to some colleagues, and goes on with his work. The message spreads via e-mail and SMS. The following weekend a lot of people come together to protest against Japans handling of history in their schoolbooks. Some weeks later the same guy, Tang Ye is sentenced to 5 years of prison. Where is Kafka, you ask, just a normal thing to happen in China.
T-Salon has the answer:

It turned out that the instructions Tang wrote were intended for circulation internally at his workplace only. But someone from his company posted it to the world wide web without omitting Tang's name and contact information. Once the word was out, the message was unstoppable. By noon time, it was wide-spread. Mr. Tong, a white-collar worker in Shangha
i, landed a five year jail term for what he wrote.

Its quite hard to believe this, but if its true this is a really sad story.
There also is a reaction in the netsphere:

The author of the above email also urged people to, from now on until May 16th, put a yellow ribbon on trees in Shanghai's People Square, "to express our best wishes" for Tang Ye. He asked people to forward the email.

More Info and Tang's whole message you can find at T-Salon.