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Protests, what protests?

While the Anti-Japanese protests attracted huge attention in mainstream media and the blogsphere, other protests by students held in March run unnoticed.

Ethical corporation reports:

... "The announcement comes as a mass student protest in China stage a Day of Action in six cities to call on the company to cease their "destructive logging practices", according to a statement." ...

... "The students will be boycotting APP products and will be asking companies to follow. Protestors took up positions in front of supermarket shelves featuring APP products in Beijing, Hefei, Nanning, Lanzhou, Harbin and Chengdu. Passing shoppers were told of the company's forestry operations in Yunnan and elsewhere." ...

Background is, a report by Greenpeace-China on the illegal loggings committed in Yunnan by the Singapore-based logging giant APP. Some months later the State Forestry Administration has taken official action:

... ""The investigation is not finished yet, but we have indeed spotted illegal logging in an APP project after initial investigation. We believe that both APP and local governments are responsible for the violation," Wang Zhuxiong, a senior SFA official told the official newsagency Xinhua.

The news comes in the wake of a damning report by Greenpeace on the company's tree felling practices in Yunnan, which was released last November. The environmental group claims that APP sequestered a 1.8 million acre plot in, intensively clear-felled it and replaced it with plantation crops." ...

I don't know if the protests really where "mass student protests", but such news showing a growing concern about environmental protection, an emerging civil society and the cooperation of environmental NGOÕs and the gobernment too easily stay unnoticed, leading to an incomplete picture of China.

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