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NGO with Chinese characteristics

A new environmental NGO has been launched recently, Ethical Corporation reports (via CDT). Though de jure a NGO, the All China Environment Federation (ACEF) looks more like a branch of SEPA, the State environmental Protection, as its ties to this organization are more than close:

... "Government news organizations insist on calling ACEF a non-government organization. This is a curious position, as it is clearly a government-affiliated body. ACEF has significant numbers of ex-officials and party apparatchiks among its members and has received major government backing and funding, which is unheard of for a non-official "NGO" in China." ...

Li Hengyuan, ACEF's founding vice-secretary-general, for example is the former Director General, Policy and Law Department, SEPA (if my information on that is correct. Would be thankful for any further information or correction, i.e. couldn't find the ACEF website due to my poor Chinese).

The article concludes that as the number and the activities of green NGO's increased heavily, and the relationship between government and these organizations became closer,

... "These relationships, forged over recent years, may yet be superseded by ACEF - where the government may feel it has more of a controlling influence." ...