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Wen Jiabao censored

About the news in the NYT, that what Wen Jiabao said at a press conference did not match with what was reported by Chinese media, Fons of China Herald wrote:

Maybe I'm too long here but I could not find it that surprising. I had almost ten years ago a talk with a Xinhua reporter who was covering the diplomatic beat and he was very open on how the systems works. "Even our highest leaders can make mistakes when they talk to foreign guests, even when they read a prepared speech," he said. "Mostly such a mistake is already corrected by the translators and since most of the foreign guests do no speak Chinese, they will not notice the difference. When also the translators do not notice the mistake, the media will bring a correct editions of what our leader should have said."

So you foreign correspondents, next time you go to a press conference take your own translator with you. Funny imagination, a room full of journalists, each one with his own translator whispering in his ear.
Wonder how many different versions of the press conference that would produce?