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"True Beauty for us is Wealth"

At Berlins Haus der Kulturen der Welt (house of the cultures of the world) an event called "About Beauty", which focuses on concepts of beauty, with particular emphasis on China, will take place soon.

Chinese Choreographer Jin Xing also participates and is quoted in an article in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (abstract of the article in English at signandsight):

"Chinese bodies look weak in comparison with beautiful African bodies. And the Chinese don't have the overriding sense of envy and justice that makes the bodies hard and the people rich in the West. But the concept of spending money in a fitness studio is still utterly alien in China. The Chinese work hard because true beauty for us is wealth."

Now that is a statement and a nice bunch of stereotypes too. Didn't know that the wealth of the West is built on a sense of envy and justice. Wonder if she is aware of the fact, that she confirms the prejudices some people in Southeast Asia have about Chinese being only interested in money. Also I would say that at least some Shanghaiers are working hard because they want a membership in a fitness studio.

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