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Sauna Art in Berlin. Xu Tan's "Air is good"

Friday evening it was culture-time for me. I went to the opening of the exhibition "Air is good" of Chinese artist Xu Tan (Link, Link) in Berlins daadgalerie. Actually, exhibition is not the right word as there is only an installation. What you see are two videos of interviews with Germans and Chinese, talking about their views how the two societies changed in the last 15 years and in the middle of the room you have a glass-sauna. Everybody is welcomed to sauna in public – bathrobes and towels are provided and there even is a shower. The sauna is supposed to symbolizes the growing wealth of china, which absorbs critical thought.

I'm not that big into modern art and mostly I find the explanation that is given with it quite constructed, so I wasn't that impressed; maybe also due to the fact, that on such opening-events the talk and the free wine mostly are more important than the art itself. It was a nice event anyway and there were also people enjoying themselves having a sauna.

Seems that I become a culture-maniac, cause today once again is exhibition-time. I will have a look at "About Beauty", wrote about it earlier.