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Seems its high time for the Japanese government to fire their PR-guys and get new ones, if they really want to join the UN security-council. Or perhaps just rethink its relation to history. Danwei wrote:

A worldwide Chinese petition against Japan getting a seat on the UN Security Council has collected 16 million names in its first week. The original aim was 20 million by August. Names are collected via SMS and on the China918 website.

ESWN had interesting posts about the age-old schoolbook issue, that heats emotions in east Asia ritually every four years. The Spiegel wrote about the growing tension between China and Japan and Japans increasing isolation in East Asia earlier:

Premier Koizumi's regular visits to Tokyo's Yasukuni shrine, which commemorates Japan's war dead, are invariably seen as provocations by Japan's neighbors. The monument also honors Japan's leading war criminals, executed in 1948, as Shinto deities. In protest against such visits, China's President Hu Jintao is stubbornly refusing to meet with Koizumi either in Beijing or Tokyo.

The two Asian leaders would have a lot to talk about -- the nuclear program of North Korea's Stalinist dictator Kim Jong Il would, for example, be high on the list. Instead, China and Japan continue to eye each other suspiciously across the straits. Each antagonizing the other and neither willing to budge.

Everybody who is interested in how China and Japan dealt with the war crimes (especially the Nanjing Massacre) in their history books, read this:

Joshua A. Fogel (Ed.),The Nanjing Massacre. In History and Historiography, 2000.