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Has the BBC been cheated?

China Herald wrote:
Last week was a China week for the BBC and the famous discussion program "Question Time" in what was supposed to be an independent audience, that could participate in the discussion. Doubts is rising whether the audience was really that independent. "The translators of our mayor have been making overtime," jokes one of my well-connected friends, who saw the tape. "There were many familiar faces in the audience. I think the BBC has been cheated."

Rather interesting discussion anyway. For all who did not see it the link here .
If you want to see a handpicked audience watch Talking Point with Lei Xiong, Director of the Chinese News Agency, Professor Xiguang Li, and some media students with really though questions. I especially like the Professor, who seems not only to dislike all foreign media but is also critical about the Chinese media cause it's becoming more and more commercialized and due to that fact doesn't report the really important stories, like SARS. So it was not the provincial government who first suppressed reports, but the commercialized media. Interesting, isn't it?