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German Humor

Yesterday I had to discover, that the bad reputation, German humor has, even made it all the way to china (at china heralds comment section bingfeng wrote:
never expect a german people so hurmous).

Admittedly the topic is a difficult one and even experts sometimes have problems to distiguish truth from untruth. Some say there never existed something like German humor, and the whole thing about it was made up by the British to get rid of their own bad jokes. Others say, citing roman sources about the barbaric habit of joke orgies in German villages, there existed something like it once, but that it has been lost long ago. An American friend of mine once bumped into a German joke in a back alley in Mexico City and had a really good time with it. Unfortunately he couldn't remember how to get back there next day.

Misunderstandings about German humor might also result from the German language itself, as popularity ratings show it in a close race with ancient Greek, winner not decided yet.

Germans on the other hand become more and more popular all over the world. There even is a whole new service industry developing around them. Don't believe me? Check this out: Rent A German