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After yesterday creating this blog, today its time to try something new: write in Chinese. Topic stays the same, Pan Yue (潘岳). It works, great : ) .
I was a little bit surprised how clear and drastic he described the environmental problems China is facing -after all he is a high rank government official and not some kind of Greenpeace activist-, so I did a little research on him. According to the International Herald Tribune, which had an article about him in September 2004, he "has become known nationwide for his outspokenness"; a
nd he has big plans for the future. In an article in Renminwang (thanks to chinablätter for the link) he describes himself as a "Sustainalist" (可持续论者), says that the year 2005 will be the "Year of environmental protection" and announces a "tempest of environmental protection" (环保风暴).
Good luck to him. Looking forward to here more from him.